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As a counselor, supervisor and speaker, I would be honored to support, encourage and equip you, your family or your organization. Please see the tabs below for specific information related to each of these services.

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Since 1991, I have been counseling adolescents, families and parents in a variety of settings. As of Spring, 2023, I am no longer counseling individuals but still work as a parent consultant. I lean on my 30+years of working with adolescents and emergent adults to support you and your family. My approach relies on attachment theory and neuro-informed principles along with a strong faith component if that is desired.  


My hourly rate for parent consultations is $140/55min session and $210/90min session.


If you are interested in making an appointment to be seen in Asheville, please contact me directly. 


I have been a North Carolina Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Supervisor since 2011. I offer individual consultation and supervision sessions for counselors and counselor associates working on full licensure. As a supervisor I combine two supervision models: Ladany, Friedlander and Nelson's  Events Based Model of Supervision and Bernard’s Discrimination model. Supervisee’s will be supported and assessed as they expand their knowledge and skills related to counseling and their ability to discern ethical Issues and implement response strategies. Evaluation will be ongoing using both formal and informal tools throughout the supervision relationship.


I limit my practice to supervising counselors committed to working with adolescents, emergent adults and families. While I have a limited caseload of LCMHCA supervisees, I am happy to speak with you about the possibility of providing consultative or supervisory services. You can connect with me through my contact page. I am more than happy to send you my professional disclosure statement for supervision as well as my fee schedule. 

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Over the course of my counseling career, I often felt like a teacher trapped in a counselor's body.  For this reason, I approach opportunities to speak and teach on counseling related topics with eagerness and enthusiasm. Because of my vast experience with adolescents and emergent adults, my seminars are chock full of helpful insights and practical applications that equip, empower and encourage audiences to immediately integrate powerful nuggets into their personal and professional lives. A few of my most popular seminars include: 

  • The Heart Cries of Every Human: Unmaksing our deepest longings (tied to my newly released book The Heart Cries of Every Teen)

  • ​Behind the 'Scenes': Assessing and addressing anxiety, anger and stress in kids and teens

  • Parenting with the Whole Soul in Mind

  • Offering Hope and Healing to Hurting Teens

  • Unflitered: The impact of social media on adolescent development

I am also happy to create a seminar or series of seminars for your needs. To learn more about my availability and fees, please reach out to me through the Contact page. I look forward to serving and supporting you and your organization.

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