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We were created to feel seen and known.

This is not just a spiritual truth. We know from biopsychosocial research that humans flourish when experience meaningful connections. Yet, up to half of U.S. adults are experiencing measurable levels of loneliness. Moreover, statistics on mental health issues continue to rise. It is time we address the large gap that exists between a casual conversation and therapy.


This is what we are doing at The SoulWell Center. 

Our Story

After teaching graduate students in counseling for several years, I realized that everyday folks could benefit from some of the training counselors receive. Many people do not have the skills or mental template to listen in a way that others truly feel seen and heard.  

With this in mind, I created a 12-week Empathic Listener Training which combines proven listening skills, with important nuggets on what it means to be human along with weekly practice sessions that take place in groups of three. Our first pilot training in the Fall of 2022 included 25 lovely humans who ALL noticeably grew in their ability to effectively listen and hold a safe space as they engaged one another's stories. They also reported major shifts taking place in their personal relationships. In January 2023, we launched two more trainings - an online, synchronous version of the training and an in-person group. We also officially became a non-profit organization! 


Our mission is three-fold. We equip listeners, provide an affordable and wellness based space to engage in story work through groups and we come alongside organizations to empower them to become better at connecting with customers, clients, co-workers, and their community by creating tailored listener trainings and intensives. Check us out! 


If you want to connect regarding The SoulWell Center please head over to our website or reach out via email. I'd love to tell you more about what we are doing!

PO Box 1782, Fletcher, NC 28732

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